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How to Begin Cloth Diapering Without Spending Too Much

dsblog1How to Begin Cloth Diapering Without Spending Too Much

Four years ago, I didn’t know very much about cloth diapers. Besides knowing that it could potentially save money and cut down on waste, I was a complete greenhorn and very wary about spending a lot of money on a system that might not work out for us.

I know a lot of mothers who are new to cloth feel the same way. That’s why I think it’s best to start small and just see what works for you.

Here are some great ways to get started on cloth diapering without making a huge financial investment:

1. Take advantage of free shipping to save money on your purchases. Diaper Safari has a huge selection of the most popular and highly rated brands, and they always ship for free.
Buy diapers with free shipping

2. Always check to see what’s on sale at any given time. You could try a different style of diaper that you’re curious about without paying full price.

3. Look out for sales that offer a free diaper or cover with your purchase. This is another way to try a different brand or style, and you won’t be out any money if it doesn’t work for your child.

4. Start with a simple and affordable option like prefolds and covers, so your initial investment is small. For just $50 you can buy one dozen cotton prefolds and three one-size covers. Steer clear of higher priced AIO diapers, fitteds and wool until you’ve got some experience under your belt. Luckily, if you decide that prefolds and covers aren’t your favorite, they have excellent re-sale value on Ebay and diaper swap sites, so you’ll make some money back.

5. Ask around and see if anyone has some old cloth diapers you can use. Facebook is a great place to post a status update. Last year, a neighbor that knew I cloth diapered gave me a whole box of old BumGenius pockets! Sometimes there are cloth diaper listings on your local Craigslist as well.

Do you have any tips to share about getting started with cloth diapers?

-Guest Blogger Anne


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Well, it turns out that TomCat and I are expecting our third child in May– another boy!  I’m about halfway through (22 weeks) and I’m having fun testing out new products.  I’d like to spend a little time highlighting some of my favorite pregnancy and post-partum products.

One of the first things I found I needed for this pregnancy was a new bra!  I quickly outgrew my old ones, and found that my ribcage was expanding very early on.  I found that the Bravado Original Nursing Bra was just what I needed.  It’s stretchy enough to be comfortable during pregnancy and also provides enough room for the changes in early nursing and milk production.

Between dry winter air and a stretching, growing belly I was feeling pretty itchy!  I tried out several creams and lotions and found two favorites:  CJ’s BUTTer and LuSa Organics Booty Balm!  Both go on smoothly, smell really nice, and leave my skin feeling moisturized.

What are some of your favorite pregnancy products?

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In honor of August Breastfeeding Month

Everyone says that breastfeeding is natural. It’s just assumed that you will know how to do it, that your baby will know how to do it. Most people without kids assume it’s just something your body does, and that you really don’t need to know much at all about it.

When you get pregnant, you start to hear the stories. Women who say they tried and failed. Who suffered. Who have deep guilt and regret. Stories of pain, both physical and emotional. The idea of breastfeeding starts to stress you out.

For me, I decided very early in my first pregnancy that I was not going to stress about anything. I would keep an open mind and be very gentle with myself. That I would try to do things the way I wanted to, but that I wasn’t the only person involved in the decision anymore and had to be alright with whatever ended up happening. I used this approach when it came to natural birth (I was going to try without painkillers, but due to several old fractures to my tailbone I decided on the epidural after awhile anyway — no regrets) and to breastfeeding as well. I would try my hardest, but I would be gentle with myself if it just didn’t work out for us.

When my son was born, he was tiny and 4 weeks premature. He was a sleepy baby, and had to be woken up to nurse (and again to finish nursing). When he was about a week old, he suddenly stopped nursing and just screamed every time I put him to my breast. He was miserable, I was hysterical. My tiny week-old newborn wouldn’t eat. I was sobbing, begging him to latch on, to stop wailing enough to get some milk.

I had very little breastfeeding support. My own mother passed away when I was 17, and my mother-in-law and I weren’t close enough then to really talk about it. (She was also keen to press formula, but that’s another story.) Frantic Googling brought me answers — I had oversupply and overactive letdown. My baby’s frothy, green poop was a sign of foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. He wasn’t getting any of the fatty, rich hindmilk and instead was getting only the sugary, watery foremilk. This combined with the gas involved with his gulping down the forceful letdown made him very hesitant to nurse. I learned that block nursing — that is nursing only on one side at a time for 3-4 hours — was our solution.

We worked out our problems, and I proudly nursed him for 13 months until I became pregnant again and my supply dried up. When my second baby was born, I was confident. From his first latch, I started block nursing. My milk came in the day he was born, which was a surprise, but he was an avid nurser and clearly that was his intention. The nurses in the hospital didn’t like that I was block nursing, but I knew what I was doing and he thrived. He nursed for 20 months, until our breastfeeding relationship had to come to a bittersweet end due to changes in our family schedule.

I know that personally, had I put too much pressure on myself to breastfeed my kids I would have failed. Giving myself the gentleness of mind really made the difference to me and let me be far more relaxed and calm about the whole process.

I’ve heard of lots of women having far more difficult problems and fighting through them in order to breastfeed their kids, and I’ve also heard of women who just….stop. I personally don’t judge either. It’s important to remember that each family is different and sometimes things just don’t work out. If you’re doing right by your family, then you’re doing right. For me it was important to try, but I allowed myself to consider failure. I was able to succeed in breastfeeding, but I harbor no judgement for those who can’t.

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Please allow me to introduce myself!

For the most part, I’ll use this blog space to share stories, talk about products, maybe a giveaway or two.  I’ll do some articles, and hopefully make it a bit educational.  To start, though, I’m going to introduce myself.  Time to get up close and personal.  Who’s the face behind the hippo?


I’m Kitty.  I’m a crunchy mama of two boisterous little boys, who I will call Roo and Diddy.

Our first child is a true joy.  Roo is almost 5 years old, and was diagnosed with autism at two.  He loves animals, the outdoors, robots, and superheroes.  His memory is nothing short of remarkable, and he can identify plant species and recite intricate nature facts that most adults don’t know.  He takes great pleasure in making others happy.  He still has rough days, but we work with him and do our best to give him what he needs.

Our second child is my heart.  Diddy is my cuddler, my precocious stinker.  He’s adorable and knows it.  He talks better than many kids twice his age, and thus charms the pants off of anyone in earshot — the things he says coming from a cherubic almost-3-year-old’s mouth.  He loves to play with trains, stuffed animals, and blocks.  He’s too smart for his own good, and cute enough to get away with it.  He’s also incredibly sweet and is always looking out for everyone, making sure that others are happy.

I didn’t mean to be a natural parent — I just followed my instincts and did what worked for our family.  I started cosleeping because our first was born prematurely and I couldn’t sleep without feeling him breathe and knowing that he was alright.  I tried breastfeeding, but didn’t pressure myself to continue.  I worked through some difficulties, but managed to continue with Roo till 13 months and with Diddy for 20 months.  I started babywearing early on with Roo, as what we now know as autism caused him to be a very high-needs baby.  He liked the pressure and containment of the carriers.  Diddy was worn literally from day one — I wrapped him in the hospital!  Cloth diapering started with Roo and a diaper service.  Without the support of a store or any other parents that cloth diapered, it just didn’t work for us.  When we got pregnant with Diddy and needed to save money, we decided to dive into cloth diapering headfirst for both kids.  After my love of cloth diapering and natural parenting in general grew, I joined up with Diaper Safari and the rest is history. 🙂

My husband (TomCat) and I are preparing to embark on another journey — trying for #3.  We didn’t really plan or try for our first two kids, so this is all new to us.  I’ll hopefully get to write about pregnancy and birth topics, as well as newborn stuff!  I hope you’ll enjoy joining me  here!



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