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Please allow me to introduce myself!

on July 30, 2012

For the most part, I’ll use this blog space to share stories, talk about products, maybe a giveaway or two.  I’ll do some articles, and hopefully make it a bit educational.  To start, though, I’m going to introduce myself.  Time to get up close and personal.  Who’s the face behind the hippo?


I’m Kitty.  I’m a crunchy mama of two boisterous little boys, who I will call Roo and Diddy.

Our first child is a true joy.  Roo is almost 5 years old, and was diagnosed with autism at two.  He loves animals, the outdoors, robots, and superheroes.  His memory is nothing short of remarkable, and he can identify plant species and recite intricate nature facts that most adults don’t know.  He takes great pleasure in making others happy.  He still has rough days, but we work with him and do our best to give him what he needs.

Our second child is my heart.  Diddy is my cuddler, my precocious stinker.  He’s adorable and knows it.  He talks better than many kids twice his age, and thus charms the pants off of anyone in earshot — the things he says coming from a cherubic almost-3-year-old’s mouth.  He loves to play with trains, stuffed animals, and blocks.  He’s too smart for his own good, and cute enough to get away with it.  He’s also incredibly sweet and is always looking out for everyone, making sure that others are happy.

I didn’t mean to be a natural parent — I just followed my instincts and did what worked for our family.  I started cosleeping because our first was born prematurely and I couldn’t sleep without feeling him breathe and knowing that he was alright.  I tried breastfeeding, but didn’t pressure myself to continue.  I worked through some difficulties, but managed to continue with Roo till 13 months and with Diddy for 20 months.  I started babywearing early on with Roo, as what we now know as autism caused him to be a very high-needs baby.  He liked the pressure and containment of the carriers.  Diddy was worn literally from day one — I wrapped him in the hospital!  Cloth diapering started with Roo and a diaper service.  Without the support of a store or any other parents that cloth diapered, it just didn’t work for us.  When we got pregnant with Diddy and needed to save money, we decided to dive into cloth diapering headfirst for both kids.  After my love of cloth diapering and natural parenting in general grew, I joined up with Diaper Safari and the rest is history. 🙂

My husband (TomCat) and I are preparing to embark on another journey — trying for #3.  We didn’t really plan or try for our first two kids, so this is all new to us.  I’ll hopefully get to write about pregnancy and birth topics, as well as newborn stuff!  I hope you’ll enjoy joining me  here!




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