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Cloth Diapers are Hip!


Well, it turns out that TomCat and I are expecting our third child in May– another boy!  I’m about halfway through (22 weeks) and I’m having fun testing out new products.  I’d like to spend a little time highlighting some of my favorite pregnancy and post-partum products.

One of the first things I found I needed for this pregnancy was a new bra!  I quickly outgrew my old ones, and found that my ribcage was expanding very early on.  I found that the Bravado Original Nursing Bra was just what I needed.  It’s stretchy enough to be comfortable during pregnancy and also provides enough room for the changes in early nursing and milk production.

Between dry winter air and a stretching, growing belly I was feeling pretty itchy!  I tried out several creams and lotions and found two favorites:  CJ’s BUTTer and LuSa Organics Booty Balm!  Both go on smoothly, smell really nice, and leave my skin feeling moisturized.

What are some of your favorite pregnancy products?

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